Automatic Lubrication Fittings

We have an extensive line of fittings for auto lubrication and centralized grease systems. All our fittings on our website can be used to install or repair automatic lubrication systems. We have a large inventory and stock pretty well any fitting you require such as:

  • Pipe extensions for grease lines
  • Reducer bushings for grease lines
  • Angle fittings for grease lines
  • Mounting brackets and mounting clips for Autolubers
  • Push on grease fittings for PU tubing both straight and 90 degree elbows
  • PU Tubing for grease systems
  • Tubing protection and loom for grease lines
  • Stainless P clamps
  • Stainless lock nuts
  • Studs and mounts to hold grease tubing
  • Stainless cable ties
  • Nylon Cable Ties