"We absolutely love it and it has made our shop a pro shop letting us fix 90% of the problems in house. This is the stuff we dreamed about having"


If you work in the commercial, construction, agriculture, material handling, or marine industries you run into issues with engine diagnostics all the time. Jaltest is the leading diagnostic tool that works for all makes, models and industries. It offers a single solution for all your diagnostic needs, maintenance tasks, and a industry leading technical library, wiring diagrams, etc., included within the interface/software. Coast Lubricants & Industrial Supply is proud to be recognized as the leading distributor of Jaltest diagnostic tools. It fits our motto “Technology of the future with Service from the Past”. Call us today for your engine diagnostic needs. If you also have equipment in a plant setting we also offer predictive maintenance solutions that detect early warning signals the smart way – see our information on Infinite Uptime in our Predictive Maintenance tab on our website or visit www.infinite-uptime.com

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