PAG based fire resistant (FR) fluids are the latest development in FR fluid technology. They entered the market in the 90’s and have significantly grown in use for many applications. These polyalkylene glycol-based hydraulic fluids are inert to water, solving the hydrolytic instability problems associated with competitive polyol and vegetable ester formulas. In comparison, end-users have benefited with increased uptime based on unprecedented and reliable valve and pump performance. Our FR lubricants are fully synthetic, non-aqueous hydraulic lubricants that are Factory Mutual approved industrial fluids. They can be used in industrial, marine and mobile equipment including high pressure systems with servo valves, robotics, etc. Our lubricants are OEM factory fill for many equipment companies such as Cat, Komatsu, and John Deere.

EcoSafe FR Hydraulic Fluids

FR Water Glycol

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