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  • Durable, spring-loaded TPU seal
  • Fits all standard Schrader valves [VG8/8V1 valve threads]
  • Rated to 150 PSI
  • Heavy-duty construction for strength and durability resists corrosion
  • Suitable for garage and industrial airline systems, auto and manual tire inflators, portable pressure gauges, constant pressure systems
  • Available in 2 styles: Open Flow or Closed Flow

    CLOSED FLOW: For use directly from a compressor or airline. Must engage valve to open the seal. Works with all systems except for computerized commercial-grade systems.

    OPEN FLOW: Allows air to flow through freely without engaging the valve stem. For use with systems that have hand/foot-controlled valves such as in-line gauges with a trigger, or automatic tire inflators.

  • If you are asking the question "which one do I need for my setup?" the answer is almost certainly Closed Flow.

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